About Us

Me and my sister are making a business to raise money for NHS Charities Together to help people who work for the NHS. My name is Eli and my sister's name is Jeannie. I work as a business manager. My sister is the artist. She makes badges and designs badges. Jeannie also named the collections.

Eli: Business Manager

Jeannie: Artist and Designer

A note from Mum!

I thought I'd see if Eli and Jeannie would like running a business more than they like homeschooling. So far it seems like they do! I've let them choose the charity, design the products and write pretty much all of the website. We can post badges worldwide and deliver locally. All the money after postage and PayPal fees will be going directly to NHS Charities Together

If you would like to know a bit more about my business then please have a look at www.bookishly.co.uk

Louise Verity